React, Node, Express, RestfulAPI, MongoDB

A social networking site for explorers, bringing together hidden gems reviews and comment all in one place.

Vanilla JavaScript, Animate.css, Sass, Flexbox

A Stranger Things themed variation on the classic game Pac Man.

React, Flask, JWT, Python, PostgreSQL, Heroku

A content creation site for authors and readers to share and discover new short stories about families and old traditions.

HTML5, Sass CSS, Vanilla ES6 JavaScript, Flexbox

Fan art project game from the Big Bang Theory Series.

Python, React, Google Cloud Vision API

A little web app taking full advantage of the Google Cloud Vision API to create something incredibly dumb.

React, JavaScript, Mapbox, RapidAPI

Retrieves a map of locations of potential destination for digitals nomads using live streaming webcams.

GatsbyJs, React, GraphQL, Netlify

My personal portfolio. Exploring Gatsby.JS, an open source framework based on React.